Patch notes

This page lists the changes made to the MOREPEAKS and MOREDISTRIBUTIONS programs. Please note that confidentially issues may force us to be nebulous about certain details. In these cases this will be indicated and the details will be made available at a later stage.

Recent Posts

Characterisation of Smokeless Powders in Explosives by 2D-LC

CAST member Rick van den Hurk developed an analytical method to simultaneously characterize smokeless powders on their molecular weight distribution and additive profile. The data generated from this 2D-LC method yields high evidential value for explosives analysis and enables forensic differentiation with high discriminating power.

VENI Grant for Bob Pirok

The Dutch Research Council has awarded Bob Pirok a 280k€ VENI grant entitled Unleashing the Potential of Separation Technology to Achieve Innovation in Research and Society (UPSTAIRS).