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Welcome to the website of the Chemometrics & Advanced Separations Team (CAST) of Bob Pirok and Saer Samanipour, with researchers from the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. The team comprises enthusiastic researchers from both universities who devote a bit of their time to developing guides and tools for use by the community. Here, you will be able to find useful, information, software and tools for use in mass spectrometry and (multi-dimensional) chromatography.

News and Updates


Characterisation of Smokeless Powders in Explosives by 2D-LC

CAST member Rick van den Hurk developed an analytical method to simultaneously characterize smokeless powders on their molecular weight distribution and additive profile. The data generated from this 2D-LC method yields high evidential value for explosives analysis and enables forensic differentiation with high discriminating power.

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VENI Grant for Bob Pirok

The Dutch Research Council has awarded Bob Pirok a 280k€ VENI grant entitled Unleashing the Potential of Separation Technology to Achieve Innovation in Research and Society (UPSTAIRS).

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Software & Tools

You can download some of our developed software and tools here. The overview is not exhaustive. We have only recently begun with making our work accessible. Currently a manual only exists for the FILTER tool. More apps, manuals and information repositories will be added through September and October.


Visit the special page on the public-privately funded PARADISE project. The project aims to resolve pressing matters in industry and society using 2D-LC. The project is funded by a consortium of Covestro, DSM, Genentech, NFI, Shell and the Dutch Research Council (NWO).


Method Database

We maintain a searchable database containing all 2D-LC methods published since the 1978 paper by Erni and Frei. The database, which contains over 550 methods, is part of a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam (Pirok) and Gustavus Adolphus College (Stoll).

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