Other Software

You can download some of our developed software and tools here. The overview is not exhaustive. We have only recently begun with making our work accessible. Currently a manual only exists for the FILTER tool. More apps, manuals and information repositories will be added through September and October.

Recent Posts

Characterisation of Smokeless Powders in Explosives by 2D-LC

CAST member Rick van den Hurk developed an analytical method to simultaneously characterize smokeless powders on their molecular weight distribution and additive profile. The data generated from this 2D-LC method yields high evidential value for explosives analysis and enables forensic differentiation with high discriminating power.

VENI Grant for Bob Pirok

The Dutch Research Council has awarded Bob Pirok a 280k€ VENI grant entitled Unleashing the Potential of Separation Technology to Achieve Innovation in Research and Society (UPSTAIRS).